7ACRES Launches New Website To Help Consumers Find Cannabis Taste Buds

7ACRES has announced that the company has launched a dedicated website meetyourtastebuds.com to help consumers across the country to find their cannabis taste buds.

7ACRES is encouraging everyone to focus on their taste buds regardless consumers started their cannabis taste journey years ago or most recently. The company has offered a lot of items with different flavors people usually drink or eat every day, including the different spices, honey and citrus. The company has offered a personalized recommendation for customers, but they have to answer a few questions in order to avail this opportunity.

7ACRES is basically a division of The Supreme Cannabis Company.

A majority of customers believe that THC is the primary component, whether you want to taste low quality to high quality cannabis strains after its legalization. The company grows cannabis cultivators by offering unique aromatic flavors to satisfy a wide range of consumer tastes.

Vice President Communication & Marketing at 7ACRES, Nicole Sale said, “We are very excited to launch this interactive tool and help consumers distinguish their cannabis taste preferences. Taste plays a big part in a user’s cannabis experience and, along with look and smell, can be a good differentiator of quality cannabis.”

“During this difficult time of social distancing, consumers may not be able to engage budtenders as easily as they used to. Meetyourtastebuds.com can act as another source of information for those shopping from home,” Nicole Sale further added.

About 7ACRES:

7ACRES is a leading cannabis cultivator company that has genetic lineage in Ontario, Canada. The company is committed to provide hand-crafted pre-rolls and cannabis flower to deliver uncompromised experience. The company ensure all out efforts that each harvest is superior than the previous one in terms of taste, flavor and aroma.

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