HitTrax To Host First Ever HitTrax Open Baseball Tournament

HitTrax has announced that the company will host the first ever HitTrax Open baseball tournament and the company has maintained a cash prize of $20,000, which would be distributed amongst all the finalists and winners of the organizations.

The open Baseball Tournament will continue for two weeks and it will consist the one qualifying week in which 32 players will advance to the March Madness type tournament. All the ranked players of the tournament will compete in the head-to-head games to decide the ultimate winner of the tournament.

The company has further said that all the matches of the tournament could be viewed globally on the company website, along with real-time standings and rankings of each team.

The company has further added that the networked event will be held during the weekends of July 18th and 25th with all the players participating in the tournament.

The company has further added that Lizard Skins and Marucci Sports will co-sponsor the mega event. Each manufacturer will provide the coupon codes of their products or services to all players, while Marucci will award its custom bats to the winner of the tournament.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the company, Mike Donfrancesco said, “We are beyond excited to introduce the HitTrax Open as the first opportunity for athletes to put a gameday on the calendar again! It was heartbreaking to see so many dedicated players lose their seasons, and as a result, we set out to create a platform for them to compete.”

“While we know this cannot replace the Olympics or professional seasons, we expect this to be an incredible opportunity for fans to get behind some exciting competition and a chance for athletes to see their hard work pay off,” Mike Donfrancesco further added in the statement.

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