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Juha Ruohola appointed as CEO of HKScan Corporation

HKScan Corporation, a leading food company, has announced the appointment of Juha Ruohola as its CEO, effective from 2nd March 2023. The company’s Board of Directors has made the decision to appoint Ruohola, who has been serving as the interim CEO of HKScan since September 2022.

Experience and Expertise

Juha Ruohola holds a Master’s degree in Agriculture and Forestry, eMBA, and has extensive knowledge and experience in the food industry. Before his appointment as CEO, he served as the Executive Vice President (EVP) responsible for the Business Unit Baltic, the Polish business, and the Group’s exports and imports. He has also held management positions in several other food companies, making him a suitable candidate for the CEO role.

Improved Profitability

Reijo Kiskola, Chairman of HKScan’s Board of Directors, expressed confidence in Ruohola’s ability to lead the company towards significantly improving its profitability and balance sheet. He praised Ruohola’s swift and determined approach in implementing the objectives set by the Board of Directors. Last year, the focus was already shifted towards improving profitability when Juha Ruohola was appointed as the interim CEO. He was instrumental in implementing changes to the Group’s operating model towards the end of the year and the agreement signed by HKScan in December 2022 on the sale of its Baltic businesses.

Juha Ruohola’s Vision

Juha Ruohola is determined to focus on measures that will improve the company’s profitability and cost competitiveness. He believes in the effective use of the potential of HKScan’s core business and the development of a sustainable, local food chain to ensure the company’s success. He expressed confidence in the company’s employees, owners, customers, and other stakeholders, hoping for continued good cooperation. He praised HKScan’s well-known consumer brands, many great products, and strong position on consumers’ tables.


HKScan’s Board of Directors has made the right decision in appointing Juha Ruohola as the company’s CEO. His extensive experience and expertise in the food industry, combined with his determined and swift approach in implementing necessary changes, make him the ideal candidate for the role. HKScan’s focus on improving profitability and cost competitiveness, and the development of a sustainable, local food chain, bodes well for the company’s future success under Ruohola’s leadership.


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